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Necromunda diversified gangs house-rules addition. Written for games / campaigns only using the six main gangs.

  • Cawdor: Indoctrination: Juves start with D6-1 xp and 2/3 of gang can be Juves, but they do not count as Gangers before they reach 31 xp.
  • Cawdor: Chathedral: During post-game, if a gang member was killed, all Cawdor fighters gain D3 xp.
  • Delaque: Espionage: Gang has +1/-1 to scenario rolls. This can be combined with other scenario roll modifiers, but it can never exceed +2/-2 (if playing with Rescue Table special rules, Delaques can add a +1 modifier to the rescue roll)
  • Delaque: Special Intelligence Center: When rolling on the scenario table, if you or your opponent rolls two of a kind, D6 fighters can deploy as if they had the Infiltration skill.
  • Orlock: Mob Tactics: Gang can work one territory each post game, without sending a fighter. When recruiting Hired Guns, Orlocks do not pay the initial Hire Fee. Orlocks can choose to recruit up to 3 Underhive Scummers just after the scenario has been determined. Scummers hired this way are not added to gang rating until after the postgame.
  • Orlock: Weapons Factory: When buying a weapon reload you get if for half price. Also when Orlock Fighters roll for Weapon Reloads they succeed on 3+ instead of the normal 4+.
  • Van Saar: Military Discipline: When checking to see if a bottle roll is required Van Saar gangs always count as if they were 9 fighters, and if the leader is broken, down or out of action he/she counts as if two fighters were broken, down or out of action. (Ignore Military Discipline when playing the Shoot Out scenario. When playing scenarios with reinforcements, Military Discipline does not count before all the gangs reinforcements have arrived).
  • Van Saar: Research Facility: When rolling for rare trades, if you roll two of a kind, you can choose to buy any weapon, grenade or gun-sight, from rare items list instead of the offered item. This item is priced with an added +2D6 credits to the variable cost.
  • Escher: Misandry: Gangers gets +1 to all nerve tests when fighting against other non-Escher gangs.
  • Escher: Training Grounds: When an Escher fighter gains a new skill, roll a D6, on a 5+ receive a second skill
  • Goliath: Stronger is Better: When leveling up, before rolling to advance, all Goliath fighter can choose not to roll and instead receive the Bulging Biceps skill. Also when advancing the strength skill Goliath have a maximum value of 5 instead of the normal 4.
  • Goliath: Muscle Beach: Instead of sending gangers to work territories or search for rare items, you can send them to Muscle Beach: If you do, roll on the following table for each ganger you send: 1-2: Gain a Leg Wound Injury / 3-4: Miss next game / 5: Roll again 1-3: +1 Strength, 4-6 +1 gain one random muscle skill / 6: Roll again 1-3: +1 toughness, 4-6 +1 wounds.

All Gangers start with a specific skill. When a Juve earns the status of Ganger he/she also receive that skill. If a Juve was to receive that skill during advancement the result is re-rolled until another is selected.

  • Cawdor: Nerves of Steel: (Escape pinning on your own or with a re-roll when assisted)
  • Goliat: Iron Jaw: (In hand-to-hand or when shot within 12” reduce strength of attack by 1)
  • Orlock: Hip Shooting: (Can run and shoot -1 with pistol / -2 with basic weapon)
  • Escher: Quick Witted: (Before Game Starts, make an special extra move)
  • Delaque: Ambush: (When going on overwatch they also go into hiding)
  • Van Saar: Marksman: (Pass leadership test to ignore “shoot at closest target” rule)