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Gangs have often been rumoured to worship alternatives to the God Emperor in the underhive. Being it is sanctioned Exterminatus to personally confess or conform to such worship, those who do believe in these deities tend to flee to the lower depths of the hive, where they all too often escape the iron grasp of their would be captors.

General rules


Cultist gangs are outlaws and can never pay off their outlawed status.


Cultists are only able to have one territory which is rolled from the outlaw territories table. If cultists ever lose their territory they must immediately roll up a new one on the outlaw territories table.

If they ever capture a territory they must choose which territory to keep, and loot the other. (Standard Outlaw rule, no need to specify)

Cultist gangs require 3 credits each to prevent the effects of starvation. Spawn require 6 credits, daemons do not suffer from the effects of starvation. Daemons and spawn never scavenge for food or valuables, nor can they work territories or find rare trade.


A cultist gang may choose to not conduct a rescue, if they don’t, the non-spawn cult member will do their best to return to their congregation once more. Roll a D6, on the result of a 6 the cultist manages to seize an opportunity to flee his captors. The ganger rejoins his gang but must miss the next game while he makes his long perilous journey back, in the process he gets +d6 experience. He returns without his equipment, which is forfeited to the captors. If a 1 to 5 is rolled the model is recaptured. (What's the point?)

Cultists that are captured by Redemptionist gangs will be killed immediately (assuming the cultists fail their rescue attempt) and all their war gear will also be destroyed, in an attempt to make sure the Redemptionists destroy any and all signs of corruption; Redemptionists can never attempt to covert the model to their cause or claim a bounty for a cultist.

Trading Post

Cultist gangs may risk a visit to the upper house trading post, or they may visit the outlaw post. If the cultists go to the normal trading post, first choose a model, then roll a D6, on a 6 the ganger may be discovered and must roll again on the chart below (regardless of the result no rare trade is collected). Subtract 1 for each mutation the model has to the dice roll below:

1 or less the model is discovered and gunned down while attempting to outrun the fuzz. The model is dead.
2 the cultist is beaten up and robbed of the money he has on him, which happens to be all the credits in the gangs stash at the time. Remove all the credits in the cultist gangs’ stash.
3-4 the cultist is caught by the authorities and is held for questioning until d6x10 credits can be paid to bribe the guards. Until the bribe can be paid, the ganger is kept for holding. Once the bribe has been made the model must miss the next game, but otherwise returns unharmed with all his equipment.
5 the cult member manages to spot the fuzz before they see him, he is safe but returns empty handed.
6 the cult member manages to evangelise his patron to a person successfully without getting caught. The cult member returns

with an Initiate whom comes with a knife.

(Seems unnecessary)


All cultist gang members have hatred for all Redemptionist, and other Cultist gangs that don’t worship the same patron

Hired Guns

Cultist gangs are too paranoid of outsiders and so will never hire any hired guns.


Every cultist gang worships one patron. As a result of worshipping their patron, the priest has the ‘Demagogue’ ability and receives benefits from his patron. Only the priest is able to have these gifts. If the priest dies, the new model that takes his place does not gain the demagogue ability, nor does he receive the corrupter ability. New leaders will, however, receive the leader ability as well as the ability to sacrifice captured gangers.

While the priest is alive no cultist will attempt to challenge the priest for leadership of the gang regardless his Ld characteristic value, compared to other gangers (it’s important to understand the difference between a leader and a priest for the sake of terminology for some of the cultist gang rules. Leaders are only leaders if the priest is killed a leader is not automatically a priest).

(Note: A leader can be made into a priest if a captured ganger is sacrificed)

Choosing the Cult

You have 1000 credits to spend on recruiting and arming the Chaos cult following all of the usual Gang Recruitment rules.

Priest: A cult must have one Priest.

Chosen: A cult can have up to 2 Chosen.

Apostle: A cult can have up to 2 Apostles.

Congruent: At least 50% of the cult must be Congruents. If the number falls below this then only Congruents can be recruited.

1 Priest

Cost: 180 credits Experience: 60 +d6

4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8

Equipment: basic, combat, pistol, ammo.

Leader: Any model within 6” of the leader or priest is able to use his Ld value for any psychological, or nerve tests. In addition, if the leader is pinned at the start of your turn he may attempt to escape from pinning even if there is no model within 2” of him.

Demagogue: The Priest receives the 3 gifts granted by his patron god.

Corrupter: If the cultist gang ever captures a ganger, the priest will attempt to convert the ganger to his patron god; both models roll a d6 and add their LD value. If the captured ganger rolls equal to or more than the priest, the captured ganger has resisted the priests rhetoric and is instead given up as a sacrifice to their god, if this happens the captured model is dead. If the priests total is higher, then the ganger joins the cultist gang, with all its war gear, skills and experience, exactly the same as the model would have from its previous gang. If a model that is able to use heavy weapons is corrupted, it loses the ability to use them.

You cannot use the corrupter ability on Redemptionists, Spyrers, Scalies, rival chaos cultists, pit slaves, enforcers, xenos/aliens, ogryns, ratlings, models or any models immune to psychology, such models are too dim-witted or believe too strongly in their own faith to give audience to the Priests vile. Regardless of the result you may keep all equipment from any captured models. You cannot keep items from Redemptionists.

In the event that a captured model is sacrificed, the priest or leader may take this opportunity to summon a daemon of their patron, refer to the daemon summoning table found later in this list.

0-2 Chosen

Cost: 70 Experience: 60 +d6

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7

Equipment: basic, combat, heavy, special, pistols, and ammo

0-2 Apostle

Cost: 60 Experience: 20 +d6

4 4 2 3 3 1 3 1 6

Equipment: combat, pistols, and ammo

Frenzy: Apostles follow the rules for frenzy.


Cost: 60 Experience: 20 +d6

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7

Equipment: basic, combat, pistols, and ammo


Cost: 35 Experience: 0

4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6

Equipment: pistols, and combat

Experience: Once an Initiate reaches 21+ Experience points he becomes a fully fledged Congruent, thus gaining all of the usual benefits a Congruent has such as extra skills and better weapons.

Patron Gifts

Choose which god the cultists will worship when creating the gang. The first 2 benefits only apply to the Priest, while the final one applies to the whole gang.


  • +1 Attack (also increases maximum)
  • Collar of khorne (4+ special save against wyrd powers). This is not wargear.
  • Khornes Rage: followers worship khorne best by seeing the blood of their enemies, no fighter other than those able to have special weapons may take basic weapons.


  • +1 Toughness (also increases maximum value)
  • D3 plague zombies (use the scavvy list for the plague zombie rules) these must start within 4” of the priest when deployed
  • Nurgle's Decay: Nurgles Decay disgraces everything it's followers come near, while their weapons are in their possession, all the gangs' weapons must make ammo tests on to hit rolls of 1 and 6


  • +1 Ld
  • Make one roll on the minor wyrd powers table; reroll rolls of 11-16
  • Slaaneshes Delight: Slaanesh worshippers like to psyche themselves up first, finding pleasure in pain. Pick d3 models at random at the start of each game that start with a flesh wound.


  • May attempt to cancel any wyrd power used within 12” of the priest on a 5+.
  • Make one roll on both of the pyromaniac or telekinetic primary powers table.
  • Tzeentches Change: the congregation loves to see tzeentches influence in all things, believing if anything that happens is by tzeentches will, for this reason tzeentch followers are careless for maintaining their weapons, believing tzeentch chooses if they work or not. Fighters in the gang’s weapons explode on 1, 2 or 3 (this only applies to the roll after a failed ammo test result of 1).


  • May reroll all LD tests, except wyrd powers.
  • Roll twice on the minor wyrd powers list, reroll rolls of 11-16.
  • Undivided do not receive a gang gift


Leader Only Cost
Tome of Patron's Liturgies 35
Hand-to-Hand Weapons
Sword 15
Eviscerator * 30
Knife 5
Maul 10
Massive Weapon 15
Autopistol 15
Bolt Pistol 25
Stub Gun 10
Basic Weapons
Autogun 20
Boltgun 35
Shotgun 20
Hunting Rifle 25
Special Weapons
Flamer 40
Grenade Launcher 60
Melta Gun 95
Auto Slugger 45
Heavy Weapons
Heavy Stubber 120
Heavy Flamer 100
Bolt Shells 15
Frag Grenades 25
Dum-Dums 5
Krak Grenades 40
Hotshot Shells 5
Manstopper Shells 5
Exterminator 15

Exterminator: Jeg ved ikke helt, om det passer ind med Chaos? Beskrivelsen under Redemptionists får det til at lyde meget redemption-y, og jeg husker ikke, at Chaos skulle være specielt vilde med ild?

Eviscerator: Den virker som et hit for alle slags fanatikere.

Tome of Patron's Liturgies: This hefty tome, typically bound in human flesh, its pages made from crushed bone, and its letters written in blood. The tome is a record of all the foulness of their patron god and all the vile deeds done in the god’s name. If the tome of patron’s liturgies is used during a sacrifice the model may add 1 to the daemon summoning table. Once per game a sermon of vile may be ushered from its unholy pages, this may only be used if the leader is not down, pinned, or has lost its nerve. Until the start of your next turn all cultist models (except daemons) are inspired by the sermon, and add 1 to their LD value (maximum still applies). Cultists that have lost their nerve may reroll LD in the recovery phase. Additionally the priest counts as being encumbered by the weight of the tome.

Maximum Characteristics

4 6 6 4 4 3 6 3 9

The standard maximum profile applies to all members of the gang, however, mutations, gifts of chaos, and special rules, may take them above these maximum characteristics. No value with exception to LD may go above 6.

Cultist advances

On a 2 or 12, instead of choosing any skill, roll a d6: On 1-5, roll on the mutations table. On a 6, roll on the gift of chaos table.

Skill types available


Fighter type Agility Combat Ferocity Muscle Shooting Stealth Techno
Priest - X X X - - X
Chosen - X X X - - X
Apostle - X X X - - -
Congruent - X X X - - -
Initiate - X X - - - -


Fighter type Agility Combat Ferocity Muscle Shooting Stealth Techno
Priest - - X X X - X
Chosen - - X X X - X
Apostle - - X X X - -
Congruent - - X X X - -
Initiate - - X X - - -


Fighter type Agility Combat Ferocity Muscle Shooting Stealth Techno
Priest X X X - - - X
Chosen X - X X - - X
Apostle X X X - - - -
Congruent X X X - - - -
Initiate X - X - - - -


Fighter type Agility Combat Ferocity Muscle Shooting Stealth Techno
Priest - - X X X - X
Chosen - - X X X - X
Apostle - - X X X - -
Congruent - - X - X - X
Initiate - - X - X - -


Fighter type Agility Combat Ferocity Muscle Shooting Stealth Techno
Priest - - X - X X X
Chosen - - X X - X X
Apostle - - X X - X -
Congruent - - X - X X -
Initiate - - X - - X -

Summoning Daemons

When a leader or priest sacrifices a captured fighter as an offering to the patron god, he can attempt to use the offering to summon a daemon as well. When doing so, the cult nominates a friendly fighter on its roster to act as the daemon's host. Roll 2d6, add or subtract any modifiers, and consult the table below.

In the event that a natural 12 is rolled on the dice, the host is replaced with a patron daemon instead. If a natural 2 is scored on the dice without modifiers the chosen model is destroyed along with all of his equipment.

Once you have a result apply the effect immediately. A host that survives a summoning may not be the target of another one again in the future. There can only ever be one daemon in the gang at any one time. A daemon is treated in the same way as a friendly ganger; if there is a daemon in the cultist gang, they may no longer attempt to summon more daemons; the gang can, however, make sacrifices to assist a daemon with instability (refer below). A priest cannot nominate himself as the host but will perform the sacrifice. If there is no priest another model that leads the gang may choose himself if he wishes.

Result Effect
2 or less Unworthy offering, the host is dead.
3–7 The host is struck ill and must miss a game, and now suffers from stupidity.
8–10 The host is struck ill and must miss a game, and now has frenzy.
11+ If the host is a leader, they become a priest. Otherwise, the host is replaced by a lesser daemon
+1 Tome of Patron's Liturgies
+1 For each Gift of Chaos the host has
+1 For each mutation the host has (power don’t count)
+1 Each group of 50 experience above 50 the host has
-1 Each group of 10 experience under 50 the host has

Lesser Daemon

Lesser daemons are simple daemons, their appearance on human worlds tend to be more common than other daemons of the patron gods. Lesser daemons come in several varieties, as there never appears to be just one type. If a host becomes a lesser daemon, the host can no longer gain experience nor can it use any equipment, it is only able to use its claws or other daemonic abilities allowed for it. Note: A lesser daemon cannot become a spawn as a result of any received mutations. The host receives the following changes, but is otherwise unchanged:

  • The host receives a 5+ special save against all attacks
  • The host gains the Daemonic visage mutation
  • The hosts WS increases by 1 (may raise above the normal maximum)
  • Lesser daemons gain the leader ability but cannot be the leader of the gang and cannot be used for bottle tests
  • Lesser daemons cannot wear armour
  • The host is immune to pinning and flesh wounds
  • Any skills, mutations, or injuries the host already had are carried over to the hosts new form
  • Lesser daemons suffer from instability

Roll a dice for each of the following table (ignore patron specific the normal mutation restrictions):

Result Mutation Result Mutation Result Mutation
1-2 cloven feet 1-2 bloated 1-2 breathes fire
3-4 very long legs 3-4 tentacle 3-4 irritating stench
5-6 wings 5-6 unnatural growth 5-6 spits acid

Patron Daemon

Patron daemons represent a taste of the true corruption of a patron, their appearance on human worlds is less common than other daemons but a patrons followers feel blessed to walk in the wake of their filth and corruption. Patron daemons come in four varieties, one for each patron. Hosts of these daemons are considered destroyed, the daemon feasts on the hosts soul, they no longer resemble what they once were and as a result are removed from the cultist gang roster and the patron daemon is put in its place. If the patron daemons host was the gang leader then a new gang member must take his place.Patron daemons cannot gain experience, they are only able to use the equipment, and mutations they come with. Unlike lesser daemons, nothing of the host is carried over to the patron daemon.

Patron daemons have a credit value and experience value. These are used to help calculate gang rating and outlaw bounty but have no other use. Captured daemon equipment cannot be used. Patron daemons will never help friendly models escape from pinning, as they care little for mortals. Bloodletters of khorne, plague bearers of nurgle, daemonettes of slaanesh, and flamers of tzeentch, are all patron daemons. A cultist gang receives a daemon of the patron they follow. If the cultist gang is an undivided gang they may choose one of the four patron daemons to include.

Patron daemons receive the following rules in addition to their own abilities listed below:

  • Daemonic visage
  • Immune to pinning and flesh wounds
  • 5+ special save
  • Leader ability but cannot gain control of the gang, will never assist models to escape from pinning
  • Cannot hide
  • Suffer from instability

Bloodletter of Khorne

4 5 0 5 4 2 3 1 8

Credits 195 Experience 200+d6

  • Blood letters have the spikes mutation
  • Bloodletters have frenzy, and can never lose its’ frenzy
  • The blood letter has a power sword

Plague Bearer of Nurgle

4 3 0 4 5 2 2 2 8

Credits 175 Experience 140 +d6

  • Plague bearers have a plague sword (never needs worse than 4+ to wound, allows user to parry)
  • Plague bearers have the cloud of flies mutation
  • Plague bearers start with the plague carrier mutation

Daemonette of slaanesh

6 4 0 4 3 2 5 2 8

Credits 150 Experience 180 +d6

  • Daemonettes have the very long legs mutation (included above)
  • Daemonettes have the claw mutation and have a knife

Flamer of tzeentch

4 2 4 4 4 2 3 1 8

Credits 180 Experience 160 +d6

  • Flamers have the breathes fire mutation
  • A Flamer has two powers rolled from either the pyromaniac or telekinetic primary powers tables (only one table may be rolled on)


Daemons struggle to hold onto reality, unlike humans daemons aren’t from the natural universe; as a result they struggle to exist in the mortal realm for long periods of time.

At the end of each game that a lesser daemon or patron daemon takes part in, the model must take a Ld test. If the daemon fails the test, it is considered it has consumed the last of its host’s soul and fades from existence from the mortal realm in a wretched scream of agony. The model is considered dead; remove it from your roster. All its equipment is lost as well.

Instability test, however, may be modified by the following means (with each modifier applied to your dice total, if it is applicable):

-1 If the cultist gang contains a priest
-1 If the cultist gang sacrifices a redemptionist ganger
-1 If the cultists gang numbers are a favoured number*
  • this number does not include the daemon itself. Refer to favoured numbers below.

Favoured Number Each patron has a favoured number attached to its liturgy of worship, it’s not clear why but all the chaos patrons appear to find a degree of harmony when its followers worship in such numbers. Any gang that numbers in any multiple of the below numbers will receive the -1 modifier above: Khorne 8, Nurgle 7, Slaanesh 6, Tzeentch 9


When rolling for mutations, roll the dice again if you happen to roll a result that cannot be received twice. Some mutations are specific to a certain chaos patron; these mutations are only available to these patrons and/or the undivided patron, each are listed with a corresponding letter (K=khorne, N=nurgle, S=slaanesh, T=tzeentch). If you roll a mutation a mutant is unable to have or already has, roll again the dice again:

D66 Result D66 Result
11 Acid Excretion (S) 41 Plague Carrier (N)
12 Albino 42 Regeneration (N)
13 Atrophism 43 Rotting Flesh (N)
14 Bloated (N) 44 Spikes
15 Breathes Fire (T) 45 Spits Acid
16 Burning Body (T) 46 Suckers (T)
21 Claw 51 Tentacle
22 Cloud Of Flies (N) 52 Third Eye (T)
23 Cloven Feet (S) 53 Tremor Sense (S)
24 Daemonic Visage 54 Two Heads
25 Eyestalks 55 Unnatural Tail (S)
26 Extra Arm 56 Unnatural Growth (K)
31 Great Beak (T) 61 Unnatural Skin (T)
32 Horns (K) 62 Unnerved (K)
33 Irritating Stench (N) 63 Very Agile (S)
34 Irrational Mind (K) 64 Very Long Legs (S)
35 Irrational Hatred (K) 65 Very Strong Arm (K)
36 Mindless 66 Wings

Acid Excretion: (can be received more than once. SLAANESH) All hits in combat have an additional -1 to armour saves for all successful wounds dealt to models in combat.

Albino: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant has poor eyesight. It suffers -1 WS and -1 BS. If the mutant fights in any form of darkness or if the mission is in some form of darkness effect, the mutant receives +2WS and BS, and can see and move normally.

Atrophism: (can only be received once.) The mutant has becomes a spawn and applies all applicable rules immediately.

Bloated: (can only have this mutation once. NURGLE) The mutant gains +1W. NCE

Breathes Fire: (can have this mutation more than once. TZEENTCH) The mutant can exhale a gout of flames from its mouth in lieu of shooting normally. The weapon is S3, flamer, catches fire 5+, one use only.

Burning Body: (can only have this mutation once. TZEENTCH) The mutant’s body chemistry is distorted, in a strange and unnatural way, its biomass seems to shape and shift constantly. This makes the mutant immune to all fire and flame weapons, which include hotshot shells, all fire based flamers, and melta weapons. However, the model may never wear armor as its body is constantly in chaos. The mutant can also never catch fire.

Claw: (can only have this mutation once.) The claw takes up one random arm and counts as a close combat weapon that cannot carry anything in this hand. In combat the model gets +2S.

Cloud of Flies: (can only have this mutation once. NURGLE) Enemy models attempting to target the model in hand-to-hand combat will suffer a -1 to close combat modifiers. All to hit rolls from shooting will suffer a -1 to hit the mutant in addition to other modifiers.

Cloven Feet: (can only have this mutation once. SLAANESH) The mutant may ignore penalties for difficult ground. Very difficult ground is treated as difficult ground for this mutant.

Daemonic Visage: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant causes fear.

Eyestalks: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant receives 180 degree fire and vision arc and can better squeeze behind cover. Count an extra -1 modifier to hit when the mutant is behind cover or partial cover. NCE

Extra Arm: (can be received more than once.) May use up to 3 pistols, and hand to hand combat weapons in hand to hand combat (+2 Attack Dice), or a basic weapon with one hand and still use 2 close combat weapons (+1 Attack Dice). NCE

Great beak: (can only have this mutation once. TZEENTCH) +1 Strength in close combat, and +1 to its armour save.

Horns: (can only have this mutation once. KHORNE) The mutant receives +1 Strength when charging.

Irritating stench: (can only have this mutation once. NURGLE) All enemy models in combat with a mutant with this mutation must pass an Initiative test before any rolls to hit are made; if a model fails they will fumble as if they had a chain or flail.

Irrational Mind: (can only have this mutation once. KHORNE) The mutant struggles with reality and always feels is in a state of chaos. Roll a d6 at the start of each game: 1: suffers from fear from enemy models; 2-5: the model maintains his grip on reality; 6: frenzy.

Irrational Hatred: (can only have this mutation once. KHORNE) The mutant struggles with reality and always feels is in a state of chaos. Roll a d6 at the start of each game: 1: suffers from Stupidity; 2-5: the model maintains his grip on reality; 6: Hatred of the enemy.

Mindless: (can only have this mutation once.) A mindless mutant is immune from the effects of stupidity, frenzy, hatred, fear and terror. The model also cannot ever be broken, and is immune to flesh wounds and cannot be pinned. However, the model's Initiative characteristic is reduced to 1 and it cannot be modified in any way.

Plague Carrier: (can have this mutation more than once. NURGLE) The mutant carries a virus that attracts other corrupted beings to him. A model with plague carrier starts with a plague zombie (use the scavvy rules for plague zombies) deployed within 4” of the mutant at the start of the game, but will otherwise act independently. In addition the model receives the Zombie Bite ability. Mutants that have this skill multiple times receive no further benefit to the Zombie bite ability.

Regeneration: (can only have this mutation once. NURGLE) The mutant can regenerate lost fingers, toes and even whole limbs in time, though the process is painfully slow. Roll a D6 for each serious injury the mutant has after each game regardless of whether the mutant fought in it or not. On a roll of a 6 the mutant has recovered from the effect of the injury, erase it and the effect it has on his statistics from the gang roster. Note: this applies to injuries, regardless of whether they are beneficial or not.

Rotting Flesh: (rotting flesh does not work with Burning Body. if a mutant already has one of these then reroll the result. can only have this mutation once. NURGLE) The mutant suffers –1 to Initiative, and –1 to Strength, enemy models receive a -2 modifier to the combat result in hand to hand as the smell of the mutants rotting flesh is quite overwhelming. Mutants with this mutation receive a +1 modifier to catch fire. In addition this mutant cannot wear armour.

Spikes: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant receives a 5+ armor save that cannot be combined with armor. NCE

Spits Acid: (can have this mutation more than once.) The mutant is able to spit acid that’s able to penetrate even the most protective of armour. The weapons profile is: S2, -4 armour save, flamer, one use only.

Suckers: (only have this mutation once. TZEENTCH) The model may move up or down any wall as if using a ladder. NCE

Tentacle: (can be received more than once.) The mutant may reduce each hand to hand combatant’s attacks by 1; in addition the mutant may reroll initiative from falling.

Third Eye: (can have this mutation more than once. TZEENTCH) The mutants mind has been awoken, each time this mutation is received make one roll on the minor wyrd powers table, reroll results of 11 -16 and 65 and 66.

Tremor Sense: (can only have this mutation once. SLAANESH) The mutant is able to sense the finest vibrations by touch. Mutants with this ability can triple their range when attempting to detect a hidden model.

Two Heads: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant’s arc of sight is increased to 180 degrees and is able to fire two pistols. NCE

Unnatural Tail: (can only have this mutation once. SLAANESH) Roll a D6; 1–4: Simple Tail, +1 initiative; 5–6: Scorpion Tail, The mutant gains +1 Attack and Strength in hand to hand.

Unnatural Growth: (can only have this mutation once. KHORNE) Roll a D6 and alter the given statistics by the value give (stats reduce to minimum 1):

d6 M S T W I
1 +1 +1 0 0 -1
2–5 0 0 0 0 +1
6 0 0 +1 +1 -1

Unnatural Skin: ( can only have this mutation once. TZEENTCH ) Roll a D6. 1–3: Dried, +1 Toughness, -1 Initiative. The mutant cannot wear armor. 4–5: Slimy, +1 to the mutants armour save and -1 Initiative. 6: Hardened, +1 to the mutants armour save and +1 Toughness.

Unnerved: (can only have this mutation once. KHORNE) A mutant with this ability is able to escape pinning without a friendly model nearby, add 1 if the model already has this ability.

Very Agile: (a mutant with this mutation cannot have bloated as well, roll again if it’s rolled. can only have this mutation once. SLAANESH) The mutant gains +1 Initiative, and +1 to special saves against all hand to hand attacks.

Very Long Legs: (this mutation can be received more than once. SLAANESH) The mutant gains +1 to Movement rate. NCE-ish

Very Strong Arm: (can have this mutation up to twice (once for each arm). KHORNE) One of the mutant’s arms has +2 Strength, but can only hold hand to hand weapons, its hand is too large to grip shooting weapons, though may use thrown weapons such as grenades.

Wings: (can only have this mutation once.) The mutant may fly. Every 1 inch up takes 2 inches, and every 1 inch down counts as ½ an inch the mutant must land at the end of its move. If it falls it floats to the ground instead, as if it had a grav chute. NCE-ish

Chaos Spawn

A cultist that mutates too much can be in danger of turning into something much worse for both himself and for his opponents. A model that gains 2 or more mutations must start testing against the potential chance that he may turn into a spawn. After receiving his second mutation the mutant must roll d6. If the mutant rolls above the amount of mutations it has nothing happens. However, a model must repeat this roll anytime it receives another mutation from this point onwards, even if received from gifts of chaos. If the mutant rolls equal to or less than the amount of mutations it currently has. Then it succumbs to corruption of chaos. A model that enters spawn-hood will immediately roll another d3 mutations’ (these mutations are not subject to patron mutations). If the total amount of mutations the model has equals 6 or more then cultists’ body has become too corrupt and falls apart, in a grotesque display puss and bile. Scratch the model from your roster it is considered to be dead. If the mutant survives its journey into spawn-hood, it is now a chaos spawn. Spawn have the following rules:

  • Spawn cannot gain experience
  • Spawn cannot be mutated any further
  • Spawn cannot work territories or go to look for rare trade, or scavenge for credits
  • Spawn are immune to psychology, but still applies to any rules it already had such as hatred, stupidity, frenzy, etc...
  • Spawn cannot be leader of the gang, if the leader becomes a spawn then a new leader is appointed even if it was a priest.
  • The spawns LD can never be used for bottle tests
  • Spawn are immune to psychology and nerve tests
  • Spawn cannot assist models to escape from pinning
  • Spawn is immune to pinning and flesh wounds
  • A spawn can never hide
  • Spawn cause fear
  • Spawn move 2d6 inches every turn and moves in the compulsory moves phase. If such a move causes it to end up in combat, considered the model to have charged. Mutations or injuries such as leg wound or very long legs will add bonuses or penalties to this move.

Spawn cannot use wargear or wear armour, but may still use gifts of chaos or abilities granted from mutations. A spawn should be on a 40mm or suitably larger round base and is considered to be a large target. Should roughly be the size of an ogryn

If a spawn is ever captured and a rescue mission is failed the gang that caught the spawn will always destroy it (gangs will receive the normal bounty) unless it also happens to be another cultist gang (refer below). Chaos spawn have no allegiances they once had before they became a spawn. As a result if a chaos spawn happens to be captured by a rival chaos gang and the rescue attempt fails, the spawn joins the rival cult gang as a normal gang member just as if the spawn had failed a test due to the corrupter ability.

Note: Spawn may change cultist gangs more than once throughout a campaign.

Gifts of Chaos

Gifts of chaos are typically dark powers given to the followers of their patron, for their loyal service to them. Gifts of chaos are similar to mutations but in the event of receiving a gift which refers to it being the same as a mutation, treat it as having the mutation for all purposes if needed to reroll the result and vice versa, ignore the restrictions on mutations received from gifts that are not normally available due to which patron the gang worships. Roll 2d6 on the table below. If the gift comes in the form of a piece of equipment, the equipment cannot be sold, traded, captured or used by any other model other than the one that receives it. Gifts can only be received once each, reroll any future duplicate results.

Number Name Result
2 Blessed May add up to 2 pips to any two profile values of your choice, except Ld
3 Mark of Chaos The model may add 1 from the scenario roll (does not stack with other marks of chaos)
4 Scales +1 armour save (max 2+)
5 Sword of Chaos +1S, parry, d3 damage. (This is a new weapon for the model)
6 Spawn hood The model is turned into a spawn, follow the normal rules.
7 chaos armour Model receives a +1 to all existing special saves (max 4+)
8 Spawn hood The model is turned into a spawn, follow the normal rules.
9 Daemonic Visage As mutation
10 Dark one No longer restricted to patron mutations. Undivided may instead reroll result.
11 Gift of Chaos The model may subtract 1 from the scenario roll (does not stack with other gifts of chaos)
12 Major Power Roll a major wyrd power on any chart. Khorne may roll two mutations instead.