Petty Credits

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The lowest rated gang gets an amount of credits equal to the rating difference between the two gangs. These credits must be spend on one or more of the offers below. All credits not spend are wasted. All the services bought from the list below will only be available for the current scenario. Ratskin Maps and Ratskin Scouts can be purchased before the scenario roll. The rest can be purchased after the scenario is determined.


You can only buy up to three of each: Armourer, Tunnels/Vents, and Medic. Get the First Turn can only be bought when playing a scenario where the starting player is determined at random, and similarly Choose Deployment Order can only be bought when playing a scenario where deployment order is determined at random.

  • Armourers (75)
  • Vents/Tunnels (100)
  • Medic (100)
  • Choose Deployment Order (150)
  • Get the First Turn (200)
  • Worn and Incomplete Ratskin Map (250)


Items bought this way, are assigned to a fighter, and removed from the roster after the game. Lawful Gangs can only but Lawful Items, and and Outlawed gangs can only buy Outlawed Items. You can only buy 1 of each item.

Lawful Items

  • Bio-Booster (100)
  • Bio-Scanner (100)
  • Medi-Pack (150)

Outlawed Items

  • Bottle of Wildsnake (75)
  • Icrotic Slime (150)
  • Spook(150)

Hired Mercenaries

Lawful gangs can only hire Lawful Veterans, and outlawed gangs can only hire Outlawed Veterans. You cannot hire more than one of each Hired Gun or Veteran. All rules and restrictions on Hired Guns still apply, including Outlawed Table modifiers. Spyre Hunter gangs can only spend Petty Credits on Spyre Hunter Reinforcements. Only Spyre Hunter gangs can hire Spyre Hunter Reinforcements, and they are allowed to hire multiple Spyre Hunter Reinforcements.

Hired Guns

  • Pit Slave (100)
  • Ratskin Scout (150)
  • Underhive Scum (150)
  • Wyrd (250)
  • Bounty Hunter (300)

Lawful Veterans

Outlaw Veterans

Spyre Hunter Reinforcement

  • Spyre Hunter (750)