Turn 3

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Turn 3 startet March 10 2017.

NB: The Angel Gang is occupied with urgent mutant business. As a result they withdraw to their Scrofulus Wastes, and let The Cadaver Synod take the turn.



  • March 14: Anabasics vs. Clenched Fist
  • March 21: Techno Vipers vs. The Cadaver Synod
  • March 28: S.C.U.M vs. Thane's Black Rebels

Sectors Blocked

Votes: Anabasics: 17, The Angel Gang 4 og 12, Fists 29, Rebels 12, SCUM 17, Vipers 21




Battle Reports

Anabasics vs. Clenched Fist: Night Fight, The Hoard

Only the most devout (read corrupt) of the cult was positioned to defend the hoard of treasure during the pitch-black Underhive night. Until the destinct and highly unsettling sound of Sexual Blain's enormous Autocannon loading shells only a few yeards away broke the silence of the night, the cultists were preparing themselves for an uneventful hours. Now, things were different.

Suddenly, greased up, muscled, and extremely confident men started to appear from multiple sides shouting profanities and seemingly surrounding the few cultists, who were only now taking up defensive positions. Had it not been for the speedy reaction from the rest of the cult jumping to the rescue, the whole thing would have been over in a matter of seconds.

When the smoothe growl to "Stop dicking around and just kick their motherfucking asses" was heard from Party Richter, everything quickly went to shit. Even though Richter himself charged forward and thoroughly annihilated/pulverised/deleted Brother Sammael with his still shiny powerfist, the rest of the Anabasics were taken back by the surprising number of cultists swarming the hoard.

When the dust settled, the hoard remained and Chaplain Furioso continued his prayer to an unknown power.

Result: The Clenched Fist of the God Emperor won

Techno Vipers vs. The Cadaver Synod

S.C.U.M vs. Thane's Black Rebels: Gang Fight

The roar from the Piss Fountain was like a warm butt of a kinky stranger. The shoulder of the one-eyed, one-eared, one-armed bartender lifter at the sight of excited patrons entering. He could smell loose money and a thirst for Wild Snake from miles away. The leader of gang approached the bar and slammed a new and shiny meltagun onto the counter. With pride she glanced a long and loving look at the fine weapon, and then proclaimed to the room. "DRINKS 'ON ME!"

Earlier the day, Thane's Black Rebels had fought S.C.U.M. Some hooded strangers had given Kathie a tip, that a bunch of fierce chicks were prancing around and kicking ass, just north of the Rebels' camp, and the Rebels had decided to go and check it out. The battle was quick, and without much back and forth stabbing and gunning. First the snipers had pacified the major threats, namely gang leader La Donita and the Heavy Plasma wielding freak Plasma Candy. Then two assault groups charged in, one from the sewers and one from the air ducts.

Back at the Piss Fountain, Kathie was explaining how the mysterious hooded figures, that tipped them off, afterward had gifted her a meltagun, in a particularly pathetic and cringy fashion. While laughing and drinking she noticed and painful and brooding character in the corner. Their eyes met, and the figure stood up. The half man half metal approached her and introduced himself. “I'm Bad Thing”. Kathie raised her right arm to shake hands, and Bad Thing countered her intentions by revealing the lower half of his right arm: A huge oil-smothered rock drill!